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Uppslukande ljud utan högtalare

Uppslukande ljud utan högtalare

Continental och Sennheiser revolutionerar ljud i bilar och andra fordon

  • Högtalarlöst 3D-ljudsystem från Continental och Sennheiser skapar fantastisk akustik genom att dra nytta av ytorna i fordonet för att producera ljud
  • Continentals Ac2ated Sound minskar vikt och utrymme med upp till 90 procent jämfört med traditionella ljudsystem
  • AMBEO Mobility-teknik från Sennheiser skapar en otroligt realistisk ljudbild för passagerare
  • AMBEO Mobility technology from Sennheiser immerses passengers in an astoundingly lifelike soundscape
  • Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, vd för Sennheiser: “Genom att integrera AMBEO Mobility med Continentals Ac2ated Sound-system blir ljudupplevelsen i bilen helt uppslukande och naturlig och öppnar samtidigt nya ljudperspektiv och -verkligheter”.

Läs mer i det engelska pressmeddelandet nedan:

LONDON/Las Vegas, 6 January, 2020 – At CES 2020 in Las Vegas (7-10 January, 2020), technology company Continental and audio specialist Sennheiser present a speakerless audio system for the vehicle interior. The unique system fills the vehicle interior with lifelike immersive sound. The two partners are integrating Sennheiser’s patented AMBEO 3D audio technology with Continental’s Ac2ated Sound system. Continental’s innovative concept abandons conventional speaker technology altogether, exciting select surfaces in the vehicle interior to produce sound. Combined with Sennheiser’s AMBEO Mobility, the concept achieves a breathtaking 3D sound reproduction that envelops passengers in an incredibly detailed and vivid soundscape and lets them enjoy their in-car entertainment to the fullest. In comparison to conventional audio systems, Ac2ated Sound enables a reduction of weight and space of up to 90 percent. In this way, the system not only produces the highest audio quality but is also perfectly suited for electric vehicles, where saving space and weight is a high priority.

“For Ac2ated Sound we have brought together the highest levels of expertise in the areas of acoustics, infotainment and vehicle design. In Sennheiser we have found an audio expert who helped us make our pioneering audio system even better”, said Helmut Matschi, member of the Executive Board and Head of the business area Vehicle Networking and Information at Continental. “Together, we have developed an audio system that creates premium sound out of nowhere. Additionally, Ac2ated Sound reduces space and weight. At Continental, we call this sustainability that’s music to your ears”.

“We are delighted to bring our audio expertise and AMBEO Mobility software into the pioneering Ac2ated Sound system from Continental, calibrating and fine-tuning the sound quality to deliver a completely immersive and natural sound experience that opens new audio perspectives and realities”, explained Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser.

Co-CEO Daniel Sennheiser added: “Our AMBEO immersive audio solutions deliver the ultimate quality in sound capture, processing and playback. Crucially, the ability to enjoy breathtaking immersive sound does not require specific 3D audio sources – AMBEO Mobility’s spatialisation algorithm can turn any stereo material into an immersive experience. By intelligently analysing the content, the patented algorithm artistically remixes the sound to provide an emotional experience, transporting the listener into the music”.

Transforming the vehicle into an instrument
​Inspired by the technology of classical string instruments, which use their wooden body as a resonance chamber, specially developed actuators excite specific surfaces in the vehicle interior. The result is an extremely natural sound experience for the occupants, who feel as if they are sitting in a concert hall surrounded by sound. Additionally, in comparison with conventional speaker systems, the audio solution has a much lower weight and significantly reduced box volume. In comparison: With a multitude of components, conventional audio systems weigh up to 40 kilograms (more than 88 pounds). By using already existing surfaces, Ac2ated Sound is distinctly more efficient in saving space. It achieves a reduction between 75 and 90 percent in contrast to existing conventional systems on the market.

At the same time, the invisible audio technology gives vehicle designers and manufacturers the freedom to do more with an automobile’s interior, as they no longer need to account for large speaker faces taking up valuable space. With Ac2ated Sound, many components are unnecessary because the surfaces in the vehicle vibrate just like speaker diaphragms. Actuators cause components such as the A-pillar trim, door trim, roof lining and rear shelf to vibrate so that they emit sound in different frequency ranges. Continental and Sennheiser will present their futuristic audio system in a private exhibit at CES 2020, where visitors can experience how the system responds to the challenges for the next generation of vehicles by reducing weight and saving space without sacrificing sound quality.

Continental will showcase its latest innovations and technologies – including Ac2ated Sound – in a private exhibit at the Renaissance Hotel. An invitation-only media event has been scheduled for Tuesday, 7 January. Please reach out for additional information.

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. Continental generated sales of €44.4 billion in 2018 and currently employs more than 240,000 people in 60 countries and markets.

Images can also be downloaded from the Sennheiser Brandzone.

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Om varumärket Sennheiser

Att bygga framtiden för ljud och tillhandahålla fantastiska ljudupplevelser för våra kunder är vad Sennheisers varumärke har stått för i mer än 75 år. Vi lever och andas ljud, och vi drivs av vår passion att skapa ljudlösningar som gör verklig skillnad. Professionella ljudlösningar såsom mikrofoner, konferenssystem, streamingtekniker och monitoringsystem är en del av Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KGs verksamhet, medan konsumentenheter som hörlurar, soundbars och talförbättrande enheter tillverkas av Sonova Holding AG på licens från Sennheiser.