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Radio France is a national public radio created in 1975. It is the leading French radio broadcaster with over 13,5 millions daily listeners.

Launched in 2013 by Radio France, the nouvOson website offers over 200 immersive audio programs today, both in binaural and 5.1 surround formats. You can choose from a variety of documentaries, fictions, original creative content and audio reporting. Such a variety makes it necessary for us to be flexible and adapt our approach to capture and mix the content: sometimes we are able to record binaurally while other times it is more convenient to create a multichannel mix first and then turn it into binaural audio by way of a virtualization software.

„Today, Radio France is developing expertise in these new immersive audio formats.“

Native binaural recording is most often straighforward to conduct, and it is compatible with the existing stereo broadcast infrastructure. We typically use the Neumann KU100 as it offers an outstanding externalization and sense of immersion. At Radio France, the KU100 is used to record music productions involving acoustical instruments and amplified sounds. As well, we use it for some ambience capture, for voice capture as examplified for example by this beautiful performance by Marc Demarco during the binaural sessions of the Eurockéennes festival:

This native binaural recording is quite interesting because the sense of immersion is immediate, thanks in part to the sound of the wind blowing in the trees, to the dynamic performance of the artist around the listener, and for this airplane which was not expected… but which with its noise, even strengthens the immersivity of the experience.

This recording also highlights the issues that come with movements that go too fast. One needs to find an acceptable trade-off between a solid presence of timbres and the stability of sounds in space. Such native binaural technique brings us back to the time when mixing was done acoustically by playing with the position of the microphones. Such a craft…

Today, Radio France is developing expertise in these new immersive audio formats to offer listeners innovative content, adding space and immersion to the palet of creators for them to invent and apply new authoring styles.

About Radio France

Radio France is a national public radio created in 1975. It is the leading French radio broadcaster with over 13,5 millions daily listeners. Radio France relies on six complementary radio stations, namely France Inter, France Info, France Culture, France Musique, FIP et Mouv, as well as on 44 local radio stations that together constitute the France Bleu network. This program offering is further extended on-line with the availability of media content and an increasing amount of podcasts.

Radio France is also a key cultural institution in France with four musical ensembles and events programmed in the headquarters, «La Maison de la Radio».

About Radio France

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Radio France

Radio France är nationell radio som började 1975. Det är den största franska radiostationen med över 13,5 miljoner dagliga lyssnare.

Aziz Berk Erten

Aziz Berk Erten är en ljudtekniker baserad i Istanbul som specialiserat sig på både live och studio. Han har spelat in, mixat och turnerat med många Turkiska toppartister.

Phonomatic Lab

Phonomatic Lab föddes från en enkel idé lånad från den självutnämnde phonometrikern Erik Satie: ""att slå vakt om musiken på varje tänkbart medium"". För att denna dröm ska bli verklighet använder vi binaural teknik och gör våra inspelningar tillgängliga på Music Inside Records.

Gareth Fry

Gareth Fry är sound designer som fått priser. Han har arbetat med Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Encounter och öppningsceremonin vid Olymiaden 2012. Han har också skapat binaural och ambisoniska utställningar och VR upplevelser för olika utställningar och kampanjer.

Pascal Rueff

Pascal Rueff är regissör, poet och 3D ljudtekniker. De senaste 15 åren har han ägnat sig åt alla aspekter av binaural produktion. Han har producerat flera serier om andra världskriget, Illuminations by Rimbaud och Chernobyl i samarbete med forskare, konstnärer, och tekniker.

Paulo Castanheiro

Paulo Castanheiro is a sound designer at Media Capital Radios in Portugal, a podcasts producer responsible for the audio contents at iNOVA Media Lab and an applied research lab at NOVA University of Lisbon.

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Image Credit: Nicolas Büchi / ZHdK Cast

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